My plugin uses the code below that has uid="x" in it that requires the user to edit the plugin and set "x" to their user id, such as uid="420971". Whenever I release an update to the plugin and the user downloads it, the update overwrites this setting because the update has the generic u="x" in it. How can I save the user's personal uid and apply it to the updated plugin?

add_filter('the_content', 'the_plugin');

function the_plugin($content) {
  global $add_the_script;

  $content_add_on = '<div class="ACME_STATS" uid="x"></div>';
  $theContent = $content.$content_add_on;
  $add_the_script = true;

  return ($theContent);

Store the uid in an option. Use the Settings API to create an admin page to manage the option.

  • The keywords "option", "settings API", and "admin page" tapped into good examples from WordPress and Google. Thanks. – Guessed Oct 6 '15 at 14:56

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