I am developing a custom set of applications which sit on top of a WordPress site.

The theme is developed by a third party, and I have decided it is time to remove the custom page templates from the theme / child theme, and put them properly into my own plugin.

I really don't like the "copy your page templates from the plugin to the custom theme when your plugin is enabled, and remove them when the plugin is disabled" method as per Is it possible for a plugin to register a page template file?

Is the Shortcode API the best there is? At least I can create the hooks for [custom_dashboard] and [custom_login] etc etc. I assume I can enqueue scripts and styles as needed.

Or is there a better method? Something new in WordPress that I missed??

Edit: All of this work is just for one site, and if I / we ever white-label the solution then we will supply the existing theme from the third party or tailor the css to fit. Most of the CSS & Javascript is either from the plugin or from a dependency, such as datatables.js or intro.js. Copying the extra css & js to the theme doesn't help either, so it will all go into the plug with a dependency manager and proper enqueueing or or I will just stop using WordPress for anything other than the header and footer

  • Templates are theme territory as I strongly suggest to stay with that. No two themes uses the same styles and HTML markup which makes compatibility an impossible quest. – Pieter Goosen Oct 1 '15 at 17:08
  • OK, I will edit my question – brianlmerritt Oct 1 '15 at 17:24

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