I've recently installed Multisite using sub directories and I was wondering if it was possible for the sub directory sites to have their own 404 page?

Currently, any links coming in to the sub directory site that should return a 404 are returning a soft 404 on the main or root site.


Thanks to Paul H for his suggestion below. I've created 2 new 404 templates with my 404.php template containing the simple if statement below:

$current_blog = get_current_blog_id();

    if ($current_blog == 2) {
        get_template_part('404', 'subdirectorysite');
    } else {
        get_template_part('404', 'main');

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The easiest way is to check for get_current_blog_id(); and adjust your 404 template based on the current blog id.

An other option is creating a child theme for every site and adding different page-404 templates.


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