I have a requirement to crop the featured image to different sized parts in wordpress.

How to fire an event when the featured image is set(not after publishing) on a new post

I tried using

$(".attachment-post-thumbnail").load(function () {
  alert('I am loaded!');
}).each(function () {
  if (this.complete) $(this).load();

but this is only firing once I publish the post which is good, but I also want it to fire when a user is adding a new post and select a featured image for the post.

The base requirement is

The post should be published along with the featured image and the sliced featured image.

Any wordpress experts here please help

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I figure it out. This may be a bad solution but atleast it works

 $('.inside').bind('DOMNodeInserted DOMNodeDeleted', function(event) 

Inside a file abhiScript.js (could be any filename :) )


wp_enqueue_script( 'SimpleScript', get_template_directory_uri() . '/assets/js/abiScript.js',array('jquery'));

in function.php

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