I can't figure how to change the default post archive link.

I've got few custom post types (for instance video_news, slug video), if I type www.blogname.com/video I get the archive.php. And every post of custom post type 'video' have the structure www.blogname.com/video/post-title.

I've also specified the category base url as 'categories', so that www.blogname.com/categories/video/category-name


The problem is: how can I replicate this behaviour with the default post ('post') type?

I would like to use 'articles' so for instance: www.blogname.com/articles/ should open the archive.php page for 'post' type, and every post url should be www.blogname.com/articles/post-title.

Now if I change the permalink structure it changes everything.

So I get www.blogname.com/articles/categories/video/category-name (if I use the ''with_front' i get www.blogname.com/video/post-title, but the category permalink is wrong)

Can't understand how to change only the default post archive page link (and structure)

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