I have much clutter on my page:

  • a search field

with capital letters and centered:

  • latest posts
  • latest comments
  • archive
  • categories
  • meta

with smaller and small letters:

  • home page administration
  • logout
  • RSS (post)
  • RSS (comment)
  • WordPress.org


  • Proudly powered by WordPress | Theme: Argent by Automattic

On a blog site they would be useful but this is a page for a small business. I do not want any of this.

What is a standard and elegant way to remove these from my pages?


That clutter is part of the default content added with WordPress and theme installed. You can remove it through the Admin Dashboard UI:

Since you are using the Argent theme by Automattic, you need to go to Appearance -> Widgets -> Footer Widget Section and drag all the unnecessary widgets out from it.


I depends on the theme you are using. This part with the various widgets is called "sidebar". A more drastic solution might be to remove it completely. To do this, remove the code

<?php get_sidebar(); ?>

which is usually at the bottom of your pages: index.php, archive.php, page.php etc. However such drastic changes may need further styling in order for the site to good good afterwards.

If your theme has a file called 'Full width page' or similar, you can use this template as a guide.

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