I have a CPT called Movies and Episode List. I create a movie called "Paranormal Activity" and I create "episode 1", "episode 2", "episode 3", "episode 4". I connect each of them to "Paranormal Activity" with plugin post 2 posts by scribu. I have follow the tutorials here posts 2 posts support forum its still don't work.

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It's shown at http://localhost/movie/conor ( what I called "Paranormal Activity") and this is the code what I have tested:

$episode_id = get_the_ID();

$prev = p2p_type( 'posts_to_pages' )->get_adjacent_items( $episode_id );

$next = p2p_type( 'posts_to_pages' )->get_adjacent_items( $movie_id, $episode_id );

$items = p2p_type( 'posts_to_pages' )->get_adjacent_items( $episode_id );

echo get_permalink( $items['parent'] );

if ( $items['previous'] )
 echo 'previous: ' . get_permalink( $items['previous'] );

if ( $items['next'] )
 echo 'next: ' . get_permalink( $items['next'] );

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this works.

$connection_type = 'posts_to_pages';
$items = p2p_type($connection_type)->get_adjacent_items( $episode_id );

if ( $items['previous'] )
  echo get_permalink($items['previous']->ID);
  • Please don´t just post code, explain what it does and why it works.
    – flomei
    Commented Feb 26, 2016 at 9:17

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