My Dutch 4.2.5 version offers to update to WordPress 4.3.1–en_US when I visit the dashboard.

I'm surprised that it does not offer an upgrade to something like WordPress 4.3.1–nl_NL

Will this work properly?

I do not remember how this went with earlier versions (i.e. what those offered).

[Edited to add]

Five minutes after posting this question a mail comes in which translates to: Your site has been automatically updated to WordPress 4.2.5. It is correct that automatic updates are on for this specific site.

What is going on?

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(Answering my own question)

It is now 1 week after posting my question. I just revisited the dashboard. There are now two updates available: WordPress 4.3.1–nl_NL and WordPress 4.3.1–en_US.

So it looks as if the localized update takes some more time to prepare.

I will not click anything right now, assuming that the update will go automatically.

To be continued...

Added: Yes, the automatic update to the Dutch version came through...

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