I would like to add a public profile page to the authors and others contributors in my site. where visitors can see their profile info. I don't wanna use Buddypress, is it possible with WordPress alone?

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bainternet posted something in this thread that will help you, (this is actually editing user profiles from frontend) but it will give you the idea, then just echo the fields out on author.php


I created a new content type called authors, and then used Advanced Custom Fields to create post-to-post relationships between authors and posts.

This way I can have multiple author pages linked to one post, and make templates that display all authors and "Other content by [this|these] author[s]" at the bottom of posts, and "Content by this author" to the bottom of author pages.

This also allows authors to have custom urls such as mysite.org/authors/foo_bar and an archive page of all authors at mysite.org/authors

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