I want to write a plugin for wordpress that in some cases will show some content as if it were a post or page as an end result of a form processing.

My idea is to add a hook that checks for and intercepts a GET or POST request from a form, and when processed, shows some message as a post/page.

As I wish to be anble to change the text, I would like to have a plugin page that has the text editor and store the result from this in the database for when needed.

My question is then: should such a message, which is in the end a post/page be written to wp_options, or is there a better aproach?


Answering short: it's legit and proper solution.

Answering in details:

1. About the table capacity

Considering _options table structure

option_id    | bigint(20)
option_name  | varchar(64)
option_value | longtext
autoload     | varchar(20)

and the fact that option_value (which is going to contain your HTML), is longtext - it can store L + 4 bytes, where L < 2^32 (4 Gigabytes of info).

I'd like to say more: serialized array, which can contain options stored as a text, is much more effective THAN key-value pairs in terms of db optimization (understand as storing a short strings under meta/option_name - meta/option_value, is less effective).

2. About storing the HTML

Dont forget about charaters escaping there.

<?php echo stripslashes( get_option( 'your_option' ) ); ?>, in order to output the content.

More advanced solution may be a serialized array. But it's more suitable if you want to store some key-value "option" pairs additionally to your HTML.

3. The API.

_options table can be accessed via user-friendly API

  1. get_option()
  2. add_option()
  3. update_option()

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