Currently I'm styling as project where I need to add a custom CSS to the_author_posts_link().

I want to add the class "blog-link" with the the_author_posts_link() . How do I add a css class to it?


You can use the the_author_posts_link filter to add the custom blog-link class:

 * Add the 'blog-link' class to the output of the_author_posts_link()
add_filter( 'the_author_posts_link', function( $link )
    return str_replace( 'rel="author"', 'rel="author" class="blog-link"', $link );
  • Just be careful doing something like this because if another plugin or the theme has already done something similar you will end up with 2 class attributes. I would recommend using strpos to first check if class=" exists and if so insert your classname there.
    – WPExplorer
    Jul 23 '20 at 2:57

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