I have a website that runs wordpress.

I'm new to this so I was messing with the settings to see what they do.

My domain name was www.example.com and there was a setting that was allowing me to change it.

This is the link it led me to https://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory

After changing it to www.example1.com I no longer have access to my admin page.

www.example.com works but it lost all the CSS elements, when I try to add the wp-login at the end it redirects me to www.example1.com and prompts me with that error.

Does anyone know how to fix that or revert these changes? I only have access to the server, not the host, so I cannot reinstall wordpress for this domain.

It keeps redirecting me to www.example1.com, how can I stop that?

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Those settings are stored in the wp_options table in the database.

If you can access the database with PHPMyAdmin Location the wp_options table and find the records with the option_name of home and siteurl and change it back to the correct url.

Your host may also be willing to help with this.


first export you database in you system as db.sql after that open it and please do following thing:-

  1. find www.example.com
  2. replace it with www.example1.com.
  3. and re import it.

After this admin would work and if page url dont work, please change the permalinks settings.

Thanks :)

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