i'm making a custom Wordpress template and I've made this HTML code for single comment template:

            <div class="comment" id="1">
          <div class="useravatar" style="background-image: url('[LINK]')"></div>
          <div class="textbox">
              <div class="dateauthor">[AUTHOR NAME] <span class="date">[DATE]</span></div>
              <div class="text">
                [COMMENT TEXT]

But i'm getting only headache to find out how to make a loop o something else where I can use this.

Is there any good example for this cases?


You have just created the template. You still need to create the entire function of the form. It would be easier to just copy a comment.php and then edit it out with some CSS to get it to look like what you want it to. The link below is for a default comment.php that should work for you. https://gist.github.com/mpsparrow/51965f9eedba5d5e7492

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