I followed all the directions in this post and I still cannot get a result to display. I know PHP is doing something, because there is no text displayed whatsoever. The result has a header and no body content. When the plugin is disabled, it displays the shortcode as plain text.

<?php # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
/* Plugin Name: Python embedded */

add_shortcode( 'python', 'embed_python' );

function embed_python( $attributes )
    $data = shortcode_atts(
            'file' => 'hello.py'
    $handle = popen( __DIR__ . '/' . $data['file'], 'r');
    $read   = fread($handle, 2096);

    return $read;

I uploaded hello.py and Python.php to the plugins folder and made sure the plugin was properly activated.

In my post editor I have: [python file="hello.py"].


Ok, I found the solution. First of all, you have to

$handle = popen('env python '. DIR . '/' . $data['file'], 'r');

More importantly, I had to install Python 2.7.2 on Bluehost

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