I have a multisite installation and use an .htaccess directive to close access to wp-login.php.

<files wp-login.php>
errordocument 403 http://example.com/restricted/
order deny,allow
deny from all

Is there a way that I can allow access to a specific individual site using another directive?

I don't know how multisite generates those URLs, as I don't see an obvious rewrite rule.

  • So you want to restrict access to ./wp-login.php for all sites except for one in particular, correct? Are you using a subdirecory or a subdomain installation? Is the site that is to be permitted access the main site, or a sub-site?
    – bosco
    Commented Sep 12, 2015 at 2:10

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If you want to provide restricted access, you should add an additional string with the /wp-login.php URL. For example:


If the URL does not have such a string parameter, then you can redirect them to a 404 page; you don't need to rewrite the .htaccess file for it.

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