I'm developing a plugin and need to know on what page user is and then add specific hooks and filters for that page.
And my problem is that is_page() and the_ID() doesn't work outside of wp, wp_loaded, init actions, but if i use these actions then i can't initialize hooks because for them to work properly they must be added before those actions.
So my question being, is there any hook from witch i can call the_ID(), get a proper result and then add another hooks for that page? Or is it possible only using PHP's $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']?

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The earliest safe hook to get post information is the template_redirect hook. All the hooks in question runs before Wordpress has setup postdata, so any post info are still unavailable at that point.

The globals like $wp_query and $post will still contain no data, that is why your efforts returns nothing.


Extra info as per comment by @TheDeadMedic

Actually wp is an earlier, still-safe hook - just make sure to use get_queried_object() instead of relying on $post global

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    Actually wp is an earlier, still-safe hook - just make sure to use get_queried_object() instead of relying on $post global. Aug 28, 2015 at 9:10
  • template_redirect is actually exactly what i needed, thank you! Also wp hook doesn't appear to work for me even with get_queried_object(), just returns NULL. But my problem is now solved thanks to you and this is what important. Aug 28, 2015 at 10:17

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