First of all, I have posted a very similar question here:

Displaying custom post-types in a Fancybox div and then linking to them

However, after being unable to find a solution I have taken a different approach and created a template page with just the portfolioProject div and not included the other elements such as header and footer. So now on this page( click here) when I click on one of the thumbnails it opens up the fancybox div but I have a few issues:

  1. The close button doesn't appear to work
  2. The second thumbnail doesn't appear to work but the first does
  3. I don't want the scrollbar to show, and I have tried using the option scrollbar : 'no' but it does not seem to work

Any help on this would be great! Thanks,


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This follow-up no longer seems to fit here in WordPress Answers, but here's what I think:

  1. Close button works fine for me on all thumbnails (Chrome 16 on Mac);
  2. The thumbnails which did not work need to be <a class="fancybox"..., which they weren't;
  3. You can probably try a CSS-only alternative for hiding scrollbars, which is overflow: hidden; since your using iframe fancyboxes, you might want to precede the element which you want to suppress scrollbars with #fancybox-wrap or #fancy_outer or something on those lines, so you can remove those scrollbars only when the page is rendered inside a fancybox;

Im using Chrome 12 on Mac.

  1. The close button works for me but clicking outside the box does not close.
  2. All the thumbnails work for me.
  3. I believe the correct syntax would be scrolling: no (Fancybox)

I notice you are using the Fancybox for Wordpress plugin, most of the options should be able to set in the admin panel.

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