I want to add a space for a banner across the top of my WooCommerce Category pages, but i'm trying to figure out how to add some markup that will wrap the action.

In my archive-product.php I have the following code;


Basically, if a Category has the 'category_promo_header' Action Hook Name set, I would like to output the content and wrapped in some additional markup such as;

<div class="row">...</div>

I want to do it this way so that the client doesn't have to remember to add the additional makeup every time. Do I need to do this in the functions.php or can i place some conditional in the archive-product.php?


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You want the has_action() function.

  function () {
    echo 'hi there';

if (has_action('category_promo_header')) {
  echo '<div>';
  echo '</div>';

Comment that add_action and you should see that nothing is printed at all.


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