I've integrated Wordpress into my existing website and used WP JSON API to get the content from WordPress, but I don't want the WordPress itself to be available to my viewers.

When I refresh my website (myWebsite.com/blog), it appends a slash (/) and goes to myWebsite.com/blog/, which goes to the WordPress website itself and does not show mine.

How can I make sure that it does not append a slash to the URL and does not go to the WordPress theme when I refresh the page?


To clarify, /blog and /blog/ are the same. The slash is added by the browser to properly structure the URL (best way I can explain it).

Your're trying to access two different pages with the /blog/ slug. In this case, WordPress is overriding the blog link from your existing website and showing content from there.

What you'll need to do is set your WordPress site to a different location other than /blog/, such as:


Then, you will want to prevent unauthorized access to your WordPress site if someone got ahold of the link. You can use a simple plugin such as Force Login which require visitors to log in order to interact with the website.

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