I'm using custom metaboxes on my pages. For example: header icon.

I created a page for the news on my site. I selected it as a blog archive page under Settings->Reading page. Unfortunately I can't get the meta values for this page.

When I create a page for the blog archive is it uses the index.php or the page.php?

I tried to read the metafields using the page id, but unfortunately global $post; echo $post->ID; returned only the id of the first post in the loop.

What is the best way to read meta values on a page, when it's selected as a blog archive?

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get_queried_object_ID() will return the ID on the page for posts, or get_queried_object() will return the page object containing all its post fields.

Alternately, the ID of the blog page is stored in the option page_for_posts, which is internally how get_queried_object gets the ID of the post object to load.

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