How do I activate certain CSS lines depending on if a user is logged in or not?

Here's how it looks: login mask

I'm currently building a login mask for a client of ours and here's essentially what I want to do:

if_user_is_logged_in -> container-height: 30px; else container-height: 160px;

Here's what I got: the code because it's easier to read this way

In case anyone is unable to tell, I had help with the first bits of code as well.

So to sum up again:

if user is logged in -> style:"height:30px;" default is 160px.

I really appreciate the help I got from this community so far :)


You can use the logged-in class added by body_class to target your CSS rules.

.container { height: 160px }
body.logged-in .container { height: 30px }
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    So essentially.. I don't even need PHP, I can just add that into the CSS-File of my theme? – theHubi Aug 12 '15 at 14:26
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    Awesome! Thanks a lot! I knew of the "logged-in" class but apparently I had a brainfart or something. I appreciate the help! – theHubi Aug 12 '15 at 14:28

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