I would like to learn how to create a plugin from scratch, there are tons of tutorials out there on the internet, but they are either premium or not a reliable resource. would like to know which are the best resources available on the internet.

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A very first advice from me will be: Don't follow the tutorials on the tutorial sites blindly they are full of bad coding practices.

Some of the resources that I follow:

And here is the list of Specific tutorials that you should consider going through, some are old but are still valid.


I guess this thread says nearly all


Additional to all above tutorials i recommend the following which best suites a beginner

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I'm trying to create a plugin too.

First place that I would like to suggest you to walk through is Writing a Plugin from Wordpress Codex.


Follow,What Hameedullah Khan Said.Additionally,I would like to suggest to you read the WordPress Codex.




I recommend this Wordpress Plugin Development series of video tutorials by Alessandro Castellani:


They're completely free, and they're great. He also has videos on other Wordpress related topics, including a fantastic 64-videos series on how to create a Wordpress theme from scratch. Really good stuff.

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