If you wanted to search groups in buddypress you can simply navigate to (http://sitename/groups/?s=searchstring) But is it possible to pass other parameters to url like orderby=membernumbers&order=ASC or tags= or search exact phrase ... . So I'm wondering if any of these actions is possible?

1- Sort group search results based on number of members

2- Search groups Only by their Tags... .

3- Search grous based on tags with exact phrases only.


Not in the url, but you can pass other parameters in the groups loop.

There is a search_terms parameter in bp_has_groups(). It also has an orderby parameter that accepts total_member_count as the property.

Assuming the tag info is stored in group_meta, you can add a meta_query parameter to the bp_has_groups(). More info from the BuddyPress codex.

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