I have portfolio on my site and i want add dropdown switching subcategories for taxanomy 'potfolio-types'

For example:

Category A

  • subcategory 1
  • subcategory 2
  • etc...

when're in category A, the drop-down list shows the child category. When selecting child category, go to her.

I use this code

$args = array('hide_empty'=>1,'depth'=>1,'hierarchical'=> 0, 'show_count'=> 1,'taxonomy'=> 'portfolio-types',);
<?php wp_dropdown_categories( $args ); ?>

But the list shows all the categories and subcategories. And there is no transition.

  • Have you looked into the 'child_of' argument? – coopersita Aug 3 '15 at 16:44
  • Sorry, but I dont understand how to use it. – Tapioka Aug 5 '15 at 13:22

The 'child_of' argument lets you select subcategories from a parent category, and a you can get the current taxonomy id to pass as the value:


$category_id = get_queried_object_id();
$args = array(
    'hierarchical'=> 0, 
    'show_count'=> 1,
    'taxonomy'=> 'portfolio-types', 
    'child_of' => $category_id
<?php wp_dropdown_categories( $args ); ?>

So in the example above, only children (sub-categories) of portfolio-type of the current category ID will be displayed.

Note that this code will only work if you are in a taxonomy archive page, which I think that's what you intend to do.

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  • Yes, it`s work. Now I understand. Thank you very much. – Tapioka Aug 6 '15 at 6:13
  • Good to hear. I see that you are new to SO; to mark the question as answered, click the check mark on the left (below the 0 and arrows) of my answer. – coopersita Aug 6 '15 at 14:13

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