What's the quickest way to create a Windows instance of an existing WordPress site assuming I've got the backup of the code and DB from the server?

I have played around with various LAMP stacks but wonder if there isn't just something simple and light I can do.


Do not use a LAMP on Windows, use a WAMP like XAMPP.

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  • +100 for XAMPP on Windows. It's quick and easy and self-contained and just works well. I use it for everything. – Otto Jun 10 '11 at 16:55

LAMP is "Linux Apache MySQL PHP". WAMP is "Windows Apache MySQL PHP".

You will need one of the WAMP packages such as Wamp Developer (commercial), Xampp (free), WampServer (free).

Then you'll need to add your previous website files into the DocumentRoot of a VirtualHost and use phpMyAdmin (or the mysql command line) to import your database.

If you change the database name or user or password, you'll also need to edit WP's wp-config.php file and update that info.

Also, WampDeveloper can install WordPress for you automatically, which means you might be able to just import the previous pages/posts/comments if you use the native wordpress export/import abilities (to and from an xml file).

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Try using Zend Server Community Edition.


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