Hi i want to set email template for all mails for my site . I know how to set up mail template and i set mail template for each of my mail by editing the code ie

wp_mail( $recipient, $subject,  $body, $headers, $attachments );

is mail code then i replaced it with

             require_once (get_template_directory() . '/mail-templates/contacemail.php');
             $html2 = ob_get_contents(); 
            return wp_mail( $recipient, $subject,  $html2, $headers, $attachments );

now email template is set up for this mail.[here in contacemail.php echo $body; get the content of body]

Now i need to do for all my emails rather than editing this code for indivdual mails. How to do that? Is there any hook or filter available? please help.

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Yes, there is a filter for this.

The correct filter is wp_mail and is defined in /wp-includes/pluggable.php Line 135

So the code (maybe in your functions.php) should look something like this:

function mail_template($args){

    require_once (get_template_directory() . '/mail-templates/contacemail.php');
    $args['message'] = ob_get_contents(); 

    return $args;

add_filter('wp_mail', 'mail_template');

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