I'm going around every single wordpress plugin and impossible to find something with this featured . . . .

I need a grid list of some custom post type - with inline filter.

This is fine and tons of plugin can do this, such as essential grid.

Otherwise, on click, I need to display the_content on a lightbox, and I can not find anything with this featured.... They all display post on a new page - or just display the thumbnail - sometime the_title in the lightbox . . . .

Any plugin or possibilities to achieve this than somebody know ?

It will be fantastic :)

Thank you for your time :)

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Try the "Responsive Lightbox" plugin and use the "Inline" option. For more info, visit the plugin homepage and scroll down to the "Sample Code" section. First sample is "inline contents". I've used this to build a portfolio from a custom post type. It's simple and works well so far.

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