I know this has been asked several times before in the past, but I think my situation is a bit unique.

I am not receiving any e-mails when someone leaves a comment on my posts. Neither are any of the other authors at the site.

  1. I have set the correct e-mail address in my user account and the general settings.
  2. I have checked the two "send mail" fields under discussion settings
  3. I am able to receive other e-mails from the site such as user registration and forgotten password.
  4. I have tried installing an add-on to notify a user of replies to comment. That works fine.
  5. I have tried uninstalling my spam shield and other plugins, but that changed nothing.
  6. I have tried changing theme, but that also did not work
  7. I have installed a mail logger, and that shows me that the comment mails are indeed not being sent, whereby it is not due to my own web client/spam folder. The mail logger works fine, it logs all the before mentioned mails which are being sent.

I have tried looking for an addon which can replicate the default behavior, but such an addon does not seem to exist.

Any way to debug it? Or do anyone have a fix?

  • Are you sure that this is not somekind of spam blocker on your server. I can remember having this issue once, and eventually I found that my host blocked my emails as spam. Usually, these spam blockers are very sensitive and trigger for nothing, causing this silent failure in mail sending – Pieter Goosen Jul 20 '15 at 7:12
  • Yes, nothing is being sent out it seems. But all my other WPmails works. – John Smith Jul 21 '15 at 7:51

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