I was trying to edit the email form field so that it accepts int values like of a phone number. I knew very less about how database values work and this is what i did: 1. Figured out that email field was "hrb_email" 2. Found that in wp_metauser hrb_email is a meta_key 3. Went to structure> and changed the meta_key from varchar to int.

Result: I cant find hrb_email in wp_metauser any more. Wordpress dashboard shows no users. Although wp_users has my user details. Also, on my website, I can see user if I manually put the URL for those users but I cant find them on the list on my website.

Please advice. Note: changing the meta_key value back to varchar does not help.

This is what meta_key looks likeuser tablemeta_key value changed back

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You have destroyed a significant section of your database. Unless you have a backup you cannot get it back.

What happened when you changed the varchar to an int was that every entry not recognized as an integer was converted to 0. You can see that in your screenshot. That is not reversible. Data was lost.

In the future:

  1. Make a backup
  2. Don't mess with things you don't understand. Take the time to understand first then mess with things.

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