I am a newbie on WordPress and PHP but at a learning task to maintain running company website. I downloaded the copy of company website and database into local machine to try to setup a development environment. I installed WebMatrix bundle with WordPress, MySQL, PHP, IIS Express for simplicity. After I restored database to local MySQL and setup user name and password for data access from MySQL Workbench, I started a local session of website but I only saw blank page of the website instead of familiar theme from live company website. I have done a dozen google searches on the subject without breakthrough. I have checked following places though: • index.php in the root folder gets loaded, as my added echo statement could output information on blank page but the theme doesn’t show. • I can access localhost:xxx/wp-login.php page and type in user name and password to log in but then it will redirect me to live website not local page. • I checked database access is functioning and I updated wp-options table to use default theme not company theme to try to fix the issue with no success. Can anyone shed some light for me to solve the puzzle so I could kick start on learning WordPress development from local machine? Thanks!


You need to change the URL in database. WordPress use relative URL.

Check this guide for migrating WordPress, how to make changes in database directly.


  • I fixed the issue by myself but your link provides comprehensive detail, thank you Vee! – jiancheng.zou Jul 10 '15 at 15:11

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