I recently started a wordpress blog. I manually installed wordpress on the server. But I want some changes to my blog, so I want to do them offline(Localsystem).

I transferred my files to localhost. After transfer I opened in the url "localhost/blog" main page is showing. When I click the categories section it is redirecting to the main website. When I enter wp-admin it is showing the error "objects not found".

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this are the steps you need to care when you setup wordpress locally from server.

  1. Download wordpress folder and database.(keep back up)

  2. setup db and change on wp_option table for "home_url" and "site_url".

  3. change permalink and and reset .htaccess.

  4. change on custom menu link which you have added

  5. restart it.


One of the easiest way you need to do is install and activate the Duplicator plugin on your live site. Duplicator plugin allows you to create duplicate package of your entire WordPress site. It can be used to move your WordPress site to a new location, and can also be used as a backup plugin.

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