I created a shortcode by add_shortcode. where the shortcode placed in a wordpress page to display dynamic content. The dynamic content is based on the URL value.


If URL is wordpress/sample-page/?user=john in my shortcode content I get the url value by $_GET['user']

Now I would like to rewrite the url like wordpress/sample-page/john. And want to get the URL values in shortcode. Is this possible in wordpress? if so Please guide me.


The simplest and quickest solution would be to use the add_rewrite_endpoint function.

<?php add_rewrite_endpoint( $name, $places ); ?>

So in your case it would be something like this:

add_rewrite_endpoint( 'user', EP_PERMALINK | EP_PAGES );

An user URL would look like this:


To access the variable:

$user = get_query_var( 'user', false );

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