I use NextGEN gallery with lightbox effect. Is there any way how to set the lightboxed image to f. ex. to max width: 600px? Without resizing the source image? I have tried all of possible Lightbox Effect setting, but nothing has helped.

We use big pictures (+3000px width) because our users can download them through NextGEN Download Gallery so we don't want to resize them. But if you click on image as a lightbox is loaded the big image which is really useless and pretty big so it takes time and data traffic.

I have read throught this topic but it didn't worked for me:

Thanks a lot for your help!

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I've finally founded the solution, so if you have same troubles as me:

1) let the NextGenGallery automaticaly resize uploaded images

2) for downloading hi-res image you have two options how to use NextGEN Download Gallery

  1. upload images whenever you want on your site and just change the path by the addfilter ngg_dlgallery_image_path - see here on WP forum for detailed answer
  2. or use backup files created by NextGenGALLERY by changing the source code of plugin - see here

or you combine them into addfilter and use _backup image (which is the best I think)

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