i have a problem understanding the get_terms function

All i want is getting all the children of specific category so that it can be listed. But i don't really know how the $args works.

So with this get_terms(category, $args);

I tried to use the child_of

$args = array(
        'child_of'          => 0,
        'childless'         => false,

But it gives all the category while i only need the child of a category. Changing the value to "1" gives empty result.

Then i tried the 'slug'

$args = array(
        'slug'              => 'on-going',
        'child_of'          => 0,
        'childless'         => false,
); `

This gives nothing but "On-going" only.

This is the category tree in my wordpress


The only thing i want is listing all child category of "On-going", that's it....


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The child_of parameter excepts an integer value of the specific term you need to get descendants from. This means that you need to get the ID from the On-going category term and then passing that ID to the child_of parameter.

To note, the child_of parameter returns all descendants of the term passed, this includes direct children and all children of those children etc. If you only need first level children of a specific term, then you need to pass the term id to the parameter parent.

If you do not have the exact id, you can use get_term_by to get the id and then pass that to child_of in get_terms


This example shows how to get the term ID if you only have the term name, like in your case On-going

$get_term_id = get_term_by( 'name', 'On-going', 'category' );
$terms = get_terms( 'category', array( 'child_of' => $get_term_id->term_id ) );
var_dump( $terms );
  • My apologize before, this script worked, but there's a small problem, it returns everything like description slug, count, and others.. i tried to use the "exclude" arg, but again, i don't know how it works... my webpage doesn't load when i add the exclusion.. or am i doing wrong with this? 'exclude' => description, slug
    – Yahya98
    Jun 30, 2015 at 3:59
  • If you need something specific returned, look at the fields parameters. You need to understand, get_terms returns an object of terms, so you need a foreach loop to print the names of the categories Jun 30, 2015 at 4:17
  • I'm very sorry of my stupidness, but i don't even understand the script.. i'm using the script you gave me in my previous question.. pastebin.com/b3zwDzFG which one should i remove to exclude the whole thing except the title?
    – Yahya98
    Jun 30, 2015 at 4:25
  • Do you need to build a tree Jun 30, 2015 at 4:33
  • Uhm, i wanted to create a page with categories listed in alphabetical order.. prntscr.com/7mzf71
    – Yahya98
    Jun 30, 2015 at 4:37

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