I want to edit some pages, already built but I am unable to edit their content (Content is not showing). Although I have Administrator role/rights but not been able to edit pages those are built by other authors (not Administrator). I have tried to edit pages by logging IN by other authors but not been successful. Is there someone who can guide me in this process?

  • This question seems very localized, meaning given the information it would be pretty difficult to answer. Have you enabled debugging ( both display and log )? Do you have any errors in your javascript console? – Howdy_McGee Jun 29 '15 at 14:04

So, the content is not showing in the WSIWYG editor? if thats true, is the content in any of the template files?


Yes, content is not showing in editor. And there is no content in any of template files as well. Actually Website pages are already built by someone, and I want to edit some pages content. I am site Administrator and have Administrator rights. Some pages have been built by administrator and I can edit content of these pages successfully. But some pages built by another author and I am unable to edit content of these pages, In other words, content of these pages not been shown.

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