In WordPress 3.1 a post can be reached a number of ways, for example each one of these takes you to the same post (where /id is the base)


How can I tell WordPress to redirect all of these variations to




Check whether the posts not being redirected actually have the correct permalink stored in the DB. There's a bug in which canonicals can't be properly guessed because the permalink structure was CHANGED after the post was created.

Try either creating a new post with your current permalink structure, or editing the post_name DB field for them. (There's a plugin for updating the permalinks in DB)

The question remains. ASSUMING it is still happening:

How do we FORCE wordpress to REDIRECT to the canonical url? No just adding a link to it, but REDIRECTING to that page.

I changed the permalinks structure of the site, and added a add_rewrite_rule in functions.php, so now the old /02/20/2008/postname addresses are accepted and canonicalized as /blob/postname correctly… and the page is found successfully.

But no matter what I do, the canonical just stays as a link in the old URL'd page, still showing the wrong url in the adress bar.

NO REDIRECT is performed.

Ive worked with another website before, and I ended up (after days of trying tens of different pieces of code) using .htaccess redirects.

I know .htaccess redirects will work, but now that I read everywhere that "It should" be doing it… I'm wondering: Should it? and more exactly "how do I FORCE it?

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WordPress should do this automatically. Whatever permalink format you have set in Settings > Permalinks should be the URL visitors end up at when they come to a different URL that indicates the same content.

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I use a plugin called Redirection (http://urbangiraffe.com/plugins/redirection/) that allows me to set up rules for url redirection. This might suit your needs if you can't get WordPress to do what you want.

James :-)

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wordpress does it automatically there is no need to do any thing if you have a custom structure defined in the settings->permalinks it will automatically redirect all the incoming structures to your custom structure or the one you have chosen in the settings in wp back end

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