I am using a custom post type: FAQ, to create an ongoing page of FAQ items.

I have created a custom template: faq-template.php, to display the items.

I need to hook other elements into the bottom of this page and various other pages. (Genesis framework.)

The problem is that when I use is_page() to conditionally hook the other elements, it fails, but only on the custom page template, with a custom loop.

I have marked up the code in detail to explain the issue.

Here's the template code:

//Custom post type loop for FAQ:

function my_custom_loop() {

global $post;

$args = array(
    'post_type'      => 'faq',
    'posts_per_page' => 20,
    'post_status'    => 'publish',
    'orderby'       => 'menu_order' 

echo get_the_id(); //For testing. This successfully outputs the page ID: #19 at the top of the page template in question, so I know that Wordpress recognizes this page as #19.

global $wp_query;
$wp_query = new WP_Query( $args );
if ( have_posts() ) : 

   do_action ('genesis_before_entry_content');

    while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); 



    echo do_shortcode("[accordion]");

    do_action( 'genesis_after_endwhile' );

    do_action ('genesis_after_entry_content'); //Hooking stuff here



add_action( 'genesis_loop', 'bmg_custom_loop' );
remove_action( 'genesis_loop', 'genesis_do_loop' );


Here are the conditionals and the content I am hooking, from functions.php:

//Hook some buttons into the bottom of certain pages:

add_action( 'genesis_after_entry_content', 'my_page_buttons',999); //Where to hook

function my_page_buttons()

 //FIRST put the buttons only on the last page of multi-page items that use <!--nextpage-->
// OR if not multi-page, then put it on singular pages:

global $multipage, $numpages, $page;
if ( $multipage && $page == $numpages || 1 !== $multipage ) { 

//NEXT put it on specific pages that meet the above condition.
//This is the part that fails for page ID #19 only, the FAQ page template.

   if ( is_page( array( //put the buttons on these pages
        //When I delete this conditional, the buttons appear fine on ALL pages, including #19
        19, // Why does the FAQ page does not accept it's page ID #19 with is_page()?
    ) ) )

    { //Here's the output:

<div class="button-row">
<a class="button" href="<?php echo get_permalink( 49 );?> ">BUTTON ONE</a> 
<a class="button" href="<?php echo get_permalink( 97 );?>">BUTTON TWO</a>


My question again: Why does is_page() fail as a conditional on my custom post type template?

I have looked at several other related topics but didn't find an answer: Why is custom template not seen as page with is_page()? Conditional tag is_page with a custom post type Custom page template how to check is_page from functions.php?

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Doh... While writing up this question it suddenly became clear why it was not working:

I was hooking my buttons inside the loop and since my loop was not a single page item, get_the_id() would be getting the ID of each post in the loop, not the page that the posts were on.

All I had to do was hook after the loop:

add_action( 'genesis_after_loop', 'my_page_buttons');

I'm posting this just in case someone else has a similar issue.

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