Is there a way to retrieve all the registered customizer sections? I'm building out a custom customizer and don't want other plugin or themes who register custom sections to appear on this page.

I can remove all the default sections, but I can't predict which plugins or themes will register sections.

$wp_customize->remove_section( 'title_tagline' );

removes the default title_tagline section.

I can see all of the registered sections by doing print_r( $wp_customize );. I would just loop over that section and build an array to un-register, but I can't seem to access the array of registered sections due to it being protected.

Is there any other way to retreive registered sections?

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Have you tried sections method? You can use $wp_customize->sections().


foreach ($wp_customize->sections() as $section_key => $section_object ) {
  echo $section_key . '<br />';

After digging around inside of some core files, I was actually able to get this resolved.

The following function will retrieve all registered sections in the customizer and loop over each to un-register them altogether.

This should run before registering any of your own custom sections, as to not remove your custom registered sections.

function eherman_remove_registered_customizer_sections() {
    // retrieve the sections array
    $registered_sections = $wp_customize->sections();
    // loop over and remove each section
    foreach( $registered_sections as $section ) {
       $wp_customize->remove_section( $section->id );

Not bad at all. Hopefully that helps others out as we move closer to a more powerful customizer!



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