How can WordPress be made to live at /blog, while another application handles the root directory /, using nginx?

I have the ordinary subdomain setup right now, which works fine.

I've read https://codex.wordpress.org/Nginx and changed my config according to serving WordPress as a subdirectory. In wp-config.php I have


but I keep getting 404 errors, or WordPress not loading CSS files. I've also tried

location /blog {
  try_files /var/www/wordpress/$uri /var/www/wordpress/$uri/ /blog/index.php?$args;

404s again.

This must be an FAQ, but I haven't nailed the search terms for it (/blog being so common doesn't help).

Where can I find a full nginx config file and wp-config settings that have WordPress live at /blog? Do I need to alter any WP settings in its MySQL database?


Here's what mostly works:

  1. Have an nginx config file for the subdomain setup, and ensure that http://wordpress.example.com works.

  2. In the nginx default config, have a location block for /blog that proxies to the subdomain:

    location /blog {
        rewrite ^/blog(/?.*)$ $1 break;  # remove "/blog"
        proxy_set_header Host wordpress.example.com;
        proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
        proxy_pass http://wordpress.example.com;
  3. In wp-config.php, have:


I'm saying this "mostly" works because:

  • Some page elements may not be loading. For example, the icomoon icons used by the Avada theme in the footer don't show up.
  • If you access your /blog URL via https, e.g. at http://example.com/blog, but the wordpress subdomain config uses http, browsers will refuse to load many resources, with a "Mixed Content" warning. One solution is to enable HTTPS on the subdomain too (StartSSL has a certificate with one free subdomain). Another, I suspect, is that you'll have to run a Wordpress database search and replace of http://wordpress.example.com with http://example.com/blog.
  • There's an extra request involved with proxy_passing.

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