I have a form:

<form name="customer_details" method="POST" onsubmit="return form_validation()"

I placed the PHP file in my theme folder, but WordPress gives me an error:

404 — Fancy meeting you here!


Add unique field in your form.

Eg: <input type="hidden" name="wdm_action" value="1">

Put your 'customer-details.php' file code in below function:-

//check if that field present in the form, if yes then perform the action
if(isset($_POST['wdm_action'] && $_POST['wdm_action'] != ''){
    //customer-details.php file code


You can just define an action method in function file and leave form action blank.

Use hook init by

function formaction() {
    if($_post['submit']=='1') {
        //form submit code here 

1 You need to change the form action and easiest way to do is creat a page with name like "x form action" (slug xaction). Now publish it and create a page template for this page like "page-xaction.php".

For know more about creating page template read this.

2 Now change the form action like this:

echo esc_url(get_permalink(100));

Please note 100 is the ID of the page you have created "x form action".

Now you are good to write your form action code in the file page-xaction.php

Also read about wp_nonce here


You should change this (if you dont use that php file directly, like example.com/customer-details.php`):




instead, you should use that as page template, then change to:


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