I would like to set up a landing page and a homepage for my WordPress website. I am new to WordPress, but I am an experienced web developer.

WordPress will only serve the homepage content if the URL is example.com; however, I would like to force it to serve the homepage content to example.com/home.

I was planning on setting the “Front Page” to the Landing Page I have created. And then the landing page will link to example.com/home. However, for now the example.com/home page is blank, and I would like to have it display the “Home Page” content.

Basically, I am trying to find out whether it is possible to make example.com/home serve what is supposed to be on the home page.


You could do this by creating a new page called "Home" with the permalink slug of "home" and another page e.g. "Landing" for your landing page. Then go to Settings -> Reading and set the "Front Page" option to your landing page from the dropdown box. You will then be able to link to mydomain.com/home from your landing page.


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