I've setup my website with CloudFlare. In the settings, I've added some rules to make it faster.

Since then, when I try to login the Dashboard. I get the following message:

ERROR: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress.

However, my cookies are enabled. I suspect that it is because of my rules that I've set up:


  • Custom caching: everything
  • Edge cache expire TTL: 1 week
  • Browser cache expire TTL: 8 days

The rest was set up by default:

mysite.com/*.php and mysite.com/wp-admin

  • Custom caching: Bypasscache
  • Browser cache expire TTL: 30 minutes

Does this happen on other browsers?

It does appear that you are using aggressive caching - add a rule to prevent caching to wp-admin as it does not function well when it is cached.

See if these work:


Your wildcard matching rule for bypassing the cache is not set up properly.

Try mysite.com/wp* (which will match all the admin pages plus the login page, and works well for me)

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