I am trying to update to WordPress 4.2.2, but it requires FTP details.

Considering that everything WordPress-related is assigned to apache, and the server runs as apache, shouldn’t WordPress be able to upgrade without FTP?

WordPress is in the root. Here are the file owner/permissions:

/var/www (root):
    permissions: 750
    user: www
    group: apache

All WP folders:
    permissions: 755
    user: apache
    group: apache

All WP files:
    permissions: 644
    user: apache
    group: apache

The problem with FTP is that only the www user has FTP access, but it can’t work on directories assigned to apache:apache.

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This is a permission issue. Are you sure WordPress isn't running with the www user? I would try to make sure all your files have 77* or 66* access, instead of 74* and 65*. Also, make sure that you are running WordPress under the correct user. Now days, unless changed by web host, it is usually run under www by default.

After you are done updating/upgrading, be sure to return your permissions to normal. ;)

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