I have just get an answer to one of my question but the problem is I want to print an error when every user will insert tags of more than two words through post-new.php with admin_notice action hook.

How can it be done?


You can use function add_settings_error.

More details can be found in the Wordpress documentation. I have edited your previous answer to include that:

function wpse_189722_limit_tag_words( $term, $taxonomy ) {
    if ($taxonomy === 'post_tag') {
        if ( count( preg_split( '/\s+/', trim( $term ) ) ) > 2 ) {
            add_settings_error('term_too_many_words', 'term_too_many_words', 'Maximum of 2 words allowed, but entered: '. trim($term), 'error');
            // shorten the term to the allowed number of tags
            $normalized_term = $foo = implode(' ', array_slice(preg_split('/\s+/', trim($term)), 0, 2));
            return $normalized_term;

    return $term;

add_filter( 'pre_insert_term', 'wpse_189722_limit_tag_words', 10, 2 );

You can also check a nice guide to Wordpress notifications here.

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