For some purpose, we want to apply a change to the Wordpress flow that affect's WooCommerce product page being displayed.

When a product page is displayed (e.g. www.mysite.com/?product=my-product), traditionally, it displays the post of "my-product", we want to intercept that and do the following:

1) Display a predefined page instead of the "my-product" page (modify current $post to be something constant, e.g. page with ID=1 or by slug name).

2) Maintain the $product setup so the current product being referred to is still "my-product", in other words, does not interfere with WooCommerce setup.

I'm trying the following

public function pre_get_posts_custom($wc_query) {

    if ( !$wc_query->is_main_query() /* || is_product_page() */ ) {

    $wc_query-> set( 'page_id' , 1);
    $wc_query-> set( 'pagename' , 'pageslug');
    $wc_query-> set( 'post_type' , 'page');

add_action('pre_get_posts', 'pre_get_posts_custom', 999);

But that's not working, it is referring me to: www.mysite.com/?product=my-product&page_id=1 which ends up showing a not found page.


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