We have a contemporary 4.2.2 WP install running with a handful of various plugins. We have been facing an issue where when a provisioned user is in the "POSTS" dashboard view, the ability to filter all posts by a category returns the full, unfiltered list.

Looking into it initially I noticed that the request method for the filter posts form (found at the top of the posts list) is OOTB set to GET. However, I manually changed this (via inspect element in chrome) to POST, then submitted the request.

This worked.

The issue at hand now as I understand it is either something has hooked that filter process to disallow GET requests OR has hooked the menu's form itself, and replaced what should be(?i guess?) a POST request, with a GET

I can't seem to find a filter hook (so I can scour our plugins to see which are wrenching on this attribute) - thank you in advance.

  • The fact POST works suggests it might be a GET request size issue: stackoverflow.com/a/2659995/247223 May 27, 2015 at 11:08
  • In other situations, I would agree. Looking for anything out of the ordinary in plugins and theme functions which were attached to any filter that modified query results, I came across a small add_filter statement which sought to achieve the suppression of taxonomies and terms from site (frontend) search results. They achieved this by slapping a series -{{cat}} modifiers to the query clause. Sometime between the old version and new version of core, !is_admin() must have been implicit with this filter and that changed, thus searching against the restricted cats was fruitless May 27, 2015 at 15:00

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the system was apparently, recently updated from a very old version of WP core. there was a customization around taxonomy suppression and the pre_get_posts hook which didn't also consider is_admin()

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