I want to add a CPT to be shown in the blog. I figured out that I can use the filter hook pre_get_post to get the query object and I can modify it. However just adding another post type to the loop is easily done. But I need to add only specific posts of my CPT which belong to a certain custom taxonomy.


I have the CPT shows and I have a custom taxonomy series. Each show can belong to no, one or many series.

-> show1 belongs to series1
-> show2 belongs to series2
-> show3 belongs to series1, series2
-> show4 belongs to no series

I need now to extend the normal blog loop such that shows of series1 and/or series2 are also listed in the blog.

So in the example either show1 and show3 are listed, or show2 and show3, or show1,show2, and show3, but never show4.


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