I have tried the code below to allow Editors to access menu settings. I then removed it from functions.php but the Editor access is still there so looks like this has made a permanent change!

Ayy ideas how I can roll this back (to remove editor access to Appearance).


* @var $roleObject WP_Role
$roleObject = get_role( 'editor' );
if (!$roleObject->has_cap( 'edit_theme_options' ) ) {
$roleObject->add_cap( 'edit_theme_options' );

From WordPress Codex:

Changing the capabilities of a role or user is persistent, meaning the added capability will stay in effect until explicitly revoked.

You might want to do something like:

$roleObject = get_role( 'editor' );
if ($roleObject->has_cap( 'edit_theme_options' ) ) {
    $roleObject->remove_cap( 'edit_theme_options' );
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