I was trying to get the URL of the uploaded image via media uploader option "Insert from URL"

enter image description here

I use and below code, It works for just for "Insert Media",

    var abc = wp.media.frames.abc = wp.media({
            frame:    'post',
            state:    'insert',
            library: { type: 'image' },
            editing:   false,
            multiple: false,

        abc.on( 'insert', function() { 
            json = fn.state().get( 'selection' ).first().toJSON();

How can I get the URL from tab "Insert from URL", When user insert URL & click on Add Image/Insert in Page?

Any suggestions. Thanks in advance. :)

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Got the solution...!

Use fn.state('embed' insted of fn.on( 'insert'
Or use Both of them fn.state('embed' & fn.on( 'insert'

fn.state('embed').on( 'select', function() {
    var state = fn.state(),
        type = state.get('type'),
        embed = state.props.toJSON();

    // SHOW JSON for embeded URL

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