When you have a permalink structure set to www.example.com/post-name

And you want it to change to www.example.com/blog/post-name

Is there any way to have the old format redirect to the new (ie. adding the word blog before the post name )

If not, is there any permalink structure I can change to which would mean that URL'S are not taken up by blog posts , and wordpress will automatically redirect them.

I have tried a few experiments , i.e using /%category%/%post-name% but they are not redirecting when you go to the url without the category (404)

  • Not what you asked for, in this post it removes slug of custom post type from permalink (something like what you asked for). maltya.com/remove-custom-post-type-slug-pernalink – 0_0 May 12 '15 at 10:39
  • I am asking if there is a way to change the permalinks for blog posts by adding the word "blog" before the post-name, and still have word press redirect instead of generating a 404 when the blog url without the word "blog" is visited – user1652319 May 12 '15 at 14:28

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